Avila Beach family portraits

I am so thankful to be able to live in such a beautiful location with mild weather and amazing locations to visit in my personal life and business life. Avila Beach and Port San Luis are one of my top places for both. It still has the same small town feel it did when I came here as a kid. Avila Beach has come a long way. Avila Beach once was the spot of a huge oil spill which caused a closure for years but is now thriving. Many beautiful businesses have moved into the downtown area giving it a new fresh breath. In fact, on Friday evenings downtown you can come to one of the best farmer’s markets. They sell food truck creations, artwork and gifts with fun tropical music playing that sometimes inspires dancing from locals to tourists alike. Parking can be an issue so I highly suggest coming early around 4pm.

This beach is also dog friendly before 10am which is nice and even features a dog beach between the Pier and Port San Luis where leashes are not required. This is the perfect morning spot to grab a great coffee and take a stroll on the beach with your fur baby. Even during high tide, you have plenty of room to take in a beach day. This location is also a great spot for picnics, whale watching, people watching and small family gatherings. It features a park and basketball courts. There is also a Aquarium to learn more about the types of sea creatures you can find in the area perfect for kids 5-11. If you would like directions to this location or even restaurant recommendations, please email me at info@jaydynblairphotography.com

Here is a fun family session I did early morning on a crisp Fall day. Thank you so much for checking out my work. Rock/paper/scissors to see who gets photographed first.

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